An Airport Operators primary goal is to keep travellers moving – in order to achieve this flight data is constantly changing and needs to be displayed in a manner that is current, viewable and easy to understand which enables the passenger to make a decision and act upon it. Metromatics is able to offer a range of MetroSpec LCD, LED & E-Paper Display Technology solutions for Airport Operators. See more examples below.

Provide  information via airport digital signage displays


Flight Information Display Systems which indicate flight arrival and departure time.

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Touch Screen Information Kiosks providing way-finding information of services, locations and shops available at the Airport.

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Interact with passengers via airport digital signage displays
Duty free ads via airport digital signage displays


Attention grabbing high bright LCD Displays ideal for advertising duty free specials.

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LED Flight Information System Displays for displaying flight arrival, departure and gate information

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Metrospec airport digital signage displays being used to show arrival and departure times
Metrospec airport digital signage displays being used to advertise at airport


LED Advertising Billboards ideal for visually grabbing attention of passengers and enticing them to shop at the Airport Retail Stores.

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