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MetroSpec LCD55FHD is a sleek, slim, double sided LCD advertising display for indoor use.


This panel’s superior picture quality and high resolution make it one of the most vivid indoor LCD displays on the market.  In fact, its brightness of up to 700 Nits makes all images, videos and advertisements eye catching for viewers.


Dual panels, back to back are  55” FHD panels.


Our dual sided display is one of the slimmest on the market with a less than 25mm thickness!  To put that into perspective, most dual sided LCD displays are 60mm in thickness.  That’s over double the size.  It’s compact, sleek design make it the perfect point of sale tool for retail and advertising display applications.


Features that set the MetroSpec LCD55FHD apart from other displays in the market are its ease of use and easy set up.  It is also super light weight and can be mounted in various configurations.  Additionally, this advertising display will capture your  audience’s attention from both directions with valuable information and stunning videos sent to its optional inbuilt PC.

Metrospec Indoor Touch Screen

MetroSpec LCD55FHD Indoor Dual Display Benefits


The Metrospec LCD55FHD allows for different mounting configurations.  For example it can be easily mounted from the ceiling, on a side mount, on the wall, or on a stand or a stand with wheels.  The LCD55FHD is also easily assembled, is ultra light weight and has a multi brightness option.  It also has integrated hardware and optional scheduling software that enables customers to immediately produce digital content to engage the audience.


The LCD55FHD has a long product life-cycle and has a 24/7, 50k LED life.  This unit has also been put through a 500hr reliability test to make sure it’s druable enough for your indoor applications.  To top things off MetroSpec products are proven reliable and require little maintenance.  Infact, we have a return rate of 0.05% for all our products.  So you can rest easy when purchasing your product through us.


Sleek design & the slimmest dual-sided display with a less than 25mm thickness provides the ideal indoor advertising option.  Technical specifications of the display are listed below.

Panel FeaturesProduct Information
MetroSpec LCD55FHDDual Sided Display
LCD Panel Size55" x 2 Back to Back with a combined thickness of < 25mm
Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Contrast Ratio4000:1 (typ.)
Display Area1209.6 (V) x 680.4 (H) mm
Bezel Opening1212.6 (V) x 683.4 (H) mm
Power Consumption230 W
Surface TreatmentHaze 11% 3H
 Dual-Sided DisplayDual-Signage in Stand MountDual-Signage in Premium Stand Mount with Wheels
Dimensions1515.9 x 856.8 x 23.4 (D) mm; Bezel Width 64/87/87 mm (Bottom 239mm)1945.70 x 861.90 (U) /62.4 (D) mm. Stand: 162.4 x 950 mm (Top View) Bezel Width: 64/87/87 mm2029.7x 861.90x 23.4 (U) /62.4 (D) mm. Stand: 452.4x 952.7 mm (Top View) Bezel Width: 64/87/87 mm
Weight45.5 kg69 kg94.5 kg
Surface TreatmentPainted BlackPainted BlackPainted Black
I/O HDMI x 2HDMI x 2HDMI x 2
Speaker InsideN/A7W x 27W x 2
Power Box OutputDC 24V, 10A x I; DC 12 V, 1.5A x 2N/AN/A
Power Box Dimension600 x 370 x 42 mmN/AN/A
Optional Mounting BracketsRoof Mounts
Two Poles Ceiling to Floor
One Pole

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