Keep your passengers informed and moving with our easy to use signage and displays.  Our range of digital display screens are perfect for all transport applications.  This includes, train stations, airports, bus and tram stops and much more.  This is because our displays come with easy to use digital signage software.  Therefore, allowing transport operators to quickly and easily change transport information as required.  As a result, passengers can view up-to-date information in real time.  Thus, making their journey more pleasant. To top things off, our range of signage and displays are weatherproof and vandal proof.  Therefore making them the perfect long term investment for public transport stations.

Public transport signage and displays - trains station


Thanks to our easy to use digital signage software you can easily display up-to-date information quickly and easily.  Our weatherproof high-bright screens also make it easy for passengers to view information no matter the lighting.  As a result, keeping your passengers informed and happy has never been easier.

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digital signage and display at gold coast bus stop


Our range of Slimline Passenger Information Displays are perfect for bus and train platforms.  These digital signage displays are IP65 rated.  Therefore making them perfect for outdoor applications.  In addition, thanks to their modern & sleek appearance they stylishly fit into their surroundings without taking up to much space.  Our range of signage and displays can also be custom built to suit your specifications.  You can also stress less about vandal and TV-B-Gone Attacks thanks to our up to date software and vandal resistant screens.

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MetroSpec Signage and Displays at Train Station


Help your passengers easily find their platform or terminal and avoid foot traffic congestion.  Our range of signage and displays can also be used in entry ways to help direct passenger foot traffic.  Easily display multiple timetable and arrival and departure information in and easy to read way for passengers.  View Product

Signage and Display used in entry ways


Our range of signage and displays are also perfect as remote terminal displays.  This is because they come complete with anti-glare, anti-corrosion & have water resistance capabilities.  Making them perfect for environments high in sea salt as a result.  To top things off their screens are also viewable in bright, sunlight conditions.

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Digital signage totem displays


Our range of low powered Bus Totem Displays are ideal for Bus or Tram stops.  This is because they can easily inform passengers with up to date travel information in an easy to read timetable.  They are also weatherproof and sunlight readable.  To top things off, they come with auto-dimming features making them viewer friendly at night.

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Signage and Display on board bus


Our range of on board LCD Passenger displays are perfect for providing passengers with information on the go.  This is because you can clearly display information about upcoming stations or delays during emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether I need a standard panel or a PD LCD Panel?
You will need a PD LCD Panel if you plan on the following: running your LCD Display more than 6 hours a day as a standard panel is only designed to operate 4-8 hours per day; or if you require your LCD Display to be viewable outdoors you will definitely need a PD panel which is up to 4 times brighter than a standard LCD panel.
What is the difference between a MetroSpec H Series and a MetroSpec X Series LCD Display?
Both models are highly reliable. The difference is the X-series, is equipped with a door, which makes on site servicing possible. H-series does not have a door, making it cheaper and reducing your capital expenditure. But that is not to say the H-series is not serviceable. It most certainly is, it just requires a different service and maintenance philosophy. By having a rotatable pool of spares, displays can be quickly swapped out and sent to a service technician for repair.
You can find further information on our blog Display Maintenance Philosophy


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