The hype inside a stadium or a concert venue is very exciting. However, sometimes it can be difficult to see the finer details of the play or the expression of the artist due to the distance between you and the action. LCD and LED Digital Signage provide an essential component in a stadium allowing the audience to enjoy the whole experience, whether its a close up, a replay or the live score, Metromatics have the Display Technology solution.

Metrospec Stadium digital signage displays H-Series LCD Display being used to show replays in stadium


Encased in an IP65 Weatherproof frame and sunlight readable the perfect format for showing instant replays from the field back to the supporters in the stadium.

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Metrospec Stadium digital signage displays Outdoor LED Display advertising at Sporting Ground


Perimeter Sport Ground LED Displays allow recurring revenue streams for the operator or sponsor of the LED Display.

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Outdoor Stadium digital signage displays LED screen being used to show the score at a sporting match


Large, bright Scoreboards are not just for large stadiums, they are ideal for local sporting clubs too. Full coloured so you can replay the highlights of the game, display the score, and provide revenue for the club by promoting sponsors and provide information on upcoming events at your club.

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Metrospec Stadium digital signage displays being used to show ticket prices


Show admission prices and display video and information on upcoming tours and events being held at the Stadium. Ticket Box LCD Displays are weatherproof and sunlight readable making it the perfect advertising solution outdoors.

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