Indoor and Outdoor Digital Display Technology at tourist destinations, luxury resorts and leisure centres allow the conveying of information, create a form of entertainment whilst in long queues and assist in answering FAQ’s with eye catching visual material and informative dynamic messages. We have technology solutions in various configurations to suit all requirements

Outdoor Touch Screen Leisure Centre Digital Signage Display being used in Melbourne's Federation Square


Outdoor Advertising LCD Display or Kiosk highlight upcoming events and shows to your venue by advertising outside the premises to patrons and passers by.

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Metrospec Outdoor Leisure Centre Digital Signage Touch Screen Kiosk displayed at theme park


Outdoor LCD Touch screen Way Finding Kiosk for navigating your way around your theme park or tourist hot spot. Direct your customers and the public to what they want to see next.

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Metrospec Leisure Centre Digital Signage Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk ready to take photos at Federation Square


Why not let tourists snap shot themselves at hot tourist destinations and promote it through social media using the Outdoor LCD Touch Screen Kiosk with Camera.

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Metrospec Leisure Centre Digital Signage H-Series LCD being displaying events on Brisbane's Southbank


Advertise the events for the day, specials in your restaurants and other great features of your resort with MetroSpec Digital LCD Display.

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Metrospec Leisure Centre Digital Signage E-Paper display showing fire danger at beach location


Outdoor E-Paper Noticeboards are the ideal medium for providing up to date general information and messages to the public. Information can be changed on the fly.

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Metrospec Leisure Centre Digital Signage E-Paper Display providing details at an art exhibition


The E-Paper Displays are ideal for museums and art galleries where exhibits change or move, new information can be supplied at the click of a button.

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