Outdoor Digital Information Point

Our Outdoor Digital Information Point system is sunlight readable, weather resistant, sleek and modern.  This enclosure is IP54, however, the electronics inside are fully sealed to an IP65 rating.  As a result, this unit is usable outdoors and operates 24/7.  This unit stands apart to others because it comes with inclusive features for those with disabilities and is easy and inexpensive to install.  Our Outdoor Digital Information point provides EVERYONE with easy-to-access information.  For example, people with visual impairments can easily access to up-to date information simply by pushing a button on the totem that activates a voice annunciator.  Likewise, people with hearing aids can also tune into the voice annunciator by activating the “T” Switch on their hearing device.  The best part about this information point is that it’s easy to instal and requires no diggging thanks to an in-built coil.  In a public transport scenario, this unit can provide up-to-date alerts about delays and cancellations.  In the community, it can also provide public notices and information on markets and festivals and other events in the local area.

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Inbuilt Hearing Loop & Text To Voice Annunciator

Our Outdoor Digital Information Point features a 13.3” sunlight readable LCD panel at a height that is wheelchair accessible.  It also has an inbuilt voice annunciator and hearing loop system.  These features give those with hearing and sight impairments easy access to important information.  This digital LCD totem is great for public transport systems and local governments, councils, amusement parks and the like seeking to make their destinations more inclusive.

LCD Outdoor Screens

The displays used in our outdoor digital information point has a brightness of up to 1,000 nits.  As a result, it’s viewable in direct sunlight.  Also, thanks to an auto dimming feature the screen is also readable in dim-light and at night.  Furthermore, this screen also has a wide viewing angle, backlighting and can also run 24/7 for years on end.

Built to Last

The electronics on the Outdoor Digital Information Point are IP65.  This means it’s strong, sturdy, weather resistant and dust proof.  Additionally, vandal resistant features make this totem scratch resistant, shatterproof and high impact resistant.


LCDs are available from 13.3” – 75”.  Displays are available in landscape or portrait modes within the totem.  This totem also features a sleek and lightweight design.  Power consumption can also be reduced by swapping an LCD Panel out for an E-Paper Display which only draws on power during updates.

Enclosures are available in different colours, shapes and sizes.  Metromatics has many designs and can customise this totem to suit your requirements.  Other options include touch screen, CCTV, Help Point, USB/Wireless Charging Points, Cameras, IoT Sensors and more.  Various software options are also available to run content and display information on the screen.

Little Infrastructure Required & Fully Serviceable

Our digital totem is fully serviceable in the field.  Since the unit is can run on solar panels and back up batteries, very little infrastructure is required.  Users only need access to a wireless 4G Internet and mains power if the unit is surrounded by buildings or other items that restrict solar consumption.

How to Use the Voice Annunciator and Digital Hearing Loop System

To activate the Voice Annunciator and Digital Hearing Loop System users simply need to push the illuminated button on the totem.  This button signals the network amplifier controller to read the information displayed on the screen.  Those who require hearing assistance and wear hearing aids can tune into the voice annunciator broadcast by activating the “T-Switch” on their hearing device.  Delivery of the broadcast ranges from 1-2 metres with a strong signal and little interference.

To scroll to the new page users only need to push the illuminated button twice.  Three times brings it back to the original page.

Image of an Outdoor Digital Information Point at Bus Stop

No Dig, Coil Perimeter

Thanks to the inbuilt coil, this unit requires no digging.  Unlike other hearing loop systems this unit requires no perimeter installed into the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether I need a standard panel or a PD LCD Panel?
You will need a PD LCD Panel if you plan on running your display more than 6 hours a day.  That’s because standard panels can operate 4-8 hours per day.

Alternatively, if you want a screen that is viewable outdoors you will definitely need a PD panel.  That’s because a PD panel is up to 4 times brighter than a standard LCD panel. 

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