LCD Digital Bus Stop Totems delivered for Adelaide’s O-Bahn Tunnel Project

Designed for displaying real time passenger information to the commuters of Adelaide.

  • Sleek, Modern and Thin Design
  • Sunlight Readable
  • Weatherproof and Vandal Resistant
  • Displays bright, clear and easy to understand passenger information and service messages


Metromatics recently delivered 31 of their MetroSpec LCD Digital Bus Stop Totems for the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s O-Bahn Tunnel Project.  This new bus technology has been installed in Adelaide CBD’s major bus thoroughfare in Currie and Grenfell Streets and therefore has been providing commuters with the arrival times of the next 6 buses and other service information.

This weatherproof, sleek totem bus stop design features a 32” High Bright LCD Display which is readable in direct sunlight.  The glass used to protect the display is 6.4mm High UV Limiting Glass.  As a result, it is shatterproof and lowers the heat inside the display which reduces black outs. 

Especially relevant, the MetroSpec LCD Bus Stop Totem has an inbuilt wireless PC. Consequently, the customer may connect back to the main computer where the information can be modified. 

In conclusion, the MetroSpec trademark is manufactured by Metromatics.  Innovators of Custom Built and Off the Shelf Industrial, Rugged and Commercial Sunlight Readable LCD Displays ranging from 24″ to 86″ in size for all types of projects and customer requirements such as Passenger Information Displays, Information Kiosks, Video Walls, Shopfront Windows and other applications.



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