With so many outdoor digital signage displays on the market, researching is key to making the right decision.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “How many hours will my display panel spend under direct sunlight?”

Some standard indoor TV units only spend a few hours a day in direct sunlight, while other sparingly used outdoors.  If either of these circumstances applies to you, then using a standard TV display is okay.  However, if you are going to be using multiple screens (even indoors) it’s good to remember that most consumer TV products don’t include central control features.  This means uploading your fandangled adverts to all your shiny new TVs might be the most frustrating task of your day.  And let’s face it, most of us have bigger fish to fry…sometimes literally.

Now if outdoor digital signage displays are what you’re after, you should probably consider the real deal – A MetroSpec outdoor digital signage display unit.  When it comes to outdoor digital signage, standard TVs won’t cut it mainly because, they are not weather proof!

First off, due to the low brightness of the screens standard TVs can’t be viewed in high lighting/outdoors.  To put it into perspective a standard TV ranges between 250 and 450 cd/m while a MetroSpec outdoor digital signage display unit ranges between 1000 to 5000cd/m.  That’s a big difference in cd/m numbers!

Second, leaving a standard TV unit outside on a hot Aussie summer day will result in a TV blackout.  You won’t have to worry about that with a MetroSpec outdoor digital signage display.  Most Metrospec displays use panels that will not blackout until the panel surfaces reaches 110 degrees C.  That’s one damn hot TV.  It’s this technology combined with our smart sleek designs that give MetroSpec outdoor digital signage displays the edge in outdoor environments.

Third, some TV’s claim to be rain proof but are they really?  All TV’s with a IP65 rating are for falling rain, not the pesky sideways rain we sometimes see here in Aus.

Lastly, standard TVs and some NON-MetroSpec outdoor TVs are not designed for long operation hours.  They are also not interactive and don’t have the same vandal resistant ratings as MetroSpec outdoor display units.

Imported Outdoor Displays vs. MetroSpec Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

We have found that imported outdoor digital signage displays with said high-bright panels are usually just TV panels with upgraded backlight drivers.  This set up can overdrive your LEDs causing shorter life cycles and costing thousands more in the long run.

outdoor digital signage displays

In short, there are many suitable LCDs for various applications.  However, a MetroSpec digital display unit outshines its the standard every day TV (literally).  If the environment is a governing factor in your decision making process then a MetroSpec outdoor digital display unit should be number one on your list.

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