The Sansi Outdoor LED Display Improves Boater Safety Signage near Melbourne

A State-of-the-Art Outdoor LED Display Changes How Boater Safety Messaging is Communicated

This Sansi LED display is setting new standards when it comes to boater safety signage and at Patterson River and Queenscliff near Melbourne, Victoria.  This is not just any digital signage.  With its precise 6.67 Pixel Pitch and a luminous intensity of 6000 Nits, this LED display is perfect for docs and marinas as it’s designed to cut through the harshest of sea mists and is also visible in the brightest of sunlight.

This is an image of an outdoor LED Display used a Boater Safety Sigange at a doc at Patterson River near Melboune, Victoria.

A Robust Outdoor LED Display for Boating Environments

This LED outdoor display comes in at a substantial size of 2240mm wide and 1200mm high.  As a result, it is more than capable of conveying vital safety messaging even at a glance.  It’s also durable and resilient against both water ingress and dust thanks to an IP65/IP54 rating.  This robust outdoor LED display also has a rear lock system as an extra layer of security against rough sea conditions.  Finally, the PolyCarb Front Protection and galvanised steel structure shield this outdoor LED display from physical impacts prolonging its longevity and reliability.

Connectivity and Protection Delivering the Latest Safety Messaging

The incorporation of a 4G/5G modem on this outdoor LED display really takes real-time communication to the next level. It means that weather updates, tide information, and safety alerts are delivered without delay.  As a result, boaters can make timely decisions before heading out to sea.

Powered by Innovation: FITLET 2 PC with Fusion Software

At the heart of this system is the FITLET 2 PC, powered by Fusion Software. This combination ensures not only high-performance operation but also user-friendly interaction. This system makes it easy for operators to make the latest information accessible even under the most challenging marine-time conditions.

Precise and Expert Level Safety Signage Installation

From the electrical setup to the actual installation, we carried out every step of this installation with meticulous attention to detail.  The LED displays integrated into the maritime environment at Patterson River and Queenscliff, Victoria are reliable and stand in compliance with safety standards.

This is an image of an outdoor LED Display used as Boater Safety Signage at a doc in Queenscliffe near Melboune, Victoria.

How Digital Boater Safety Signage by the Sansi Outdoor LED Displays Helps Boaters Better Navigate the Seas

The introduction of the Sansi LED display into digital boater safety signage marks a significant advancement in maritime safety.  This custom outdoor LED display is specifically made for the boater community and is a dependable partner in ensuring a safer, more informed boating experience thanks to its ability to provide the latest safety messaging.

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