How Jetties in Redcliffe and Innisfail are Using LCD Displays to Enhance Boater Safety

In efforts to bolster safety for recreational fishers, two public boat ramp access jetties in Innisfail and Scarborough received a state-of-the-art 46” 1500 Nit LCD Display.  These LCD displays provide crucial safety information for fishers and boaters.

The 46” 1500 Nit LCD Displays features That Enhance Boater Safety

This is an image of a 46" Display at the Hyperion Jetty in Redcliffe.

Key Specifications:

  • High Brightness: Each display boasts a brightness of 1500 Nits, ensuring clear visibility even under strong sunlight, a common challenge in outdoor marine environments.
  • Remote Monitoring: Integrated with MPMS Cards, these LCD displays can be monitored and managed remotely. This functionality is vital for maintaining the reliability of the information provided.
  • Power Efficiency: The 24V DC input means these displays are battery-operated.  Making them flexible and independent from fixed power sources.

Integration with Fusion Software:

  • Dynamic Content Delivery: Fusion Software enables the efficient management and display of real-time information.  This is crucial for boaters’ safety.
  • Customer’s Media Player: A customer provided media player allows for customised, tailored content.

Enhancing Boating Safety and Information Accessibility

Critical Information at Fingertips:

  • Weather and Wind Conditions: These displays provide up-to-the-minute weather and wind information.  This helps boaters make informed decisions before and during outings.
  • Tide Data: This Display communicates accurate tide information which is essential for safe boating practices. This is also particularly important in coastal areas where tidal conditions rapidly change.

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact:

  • Accessible Locations: Situated on public boat ramp access jetties in Innisfail and Scarborough, the displays are perfectly placed to reach a large number of fishers and boaters.
  • Battery-Operated LCD Displays: Battery powered operation means these displays are operational even in remote areas and during power outages.  Therefore providing uninterrupted access to vital information.

Using LCD Displays to Enhance Safety

The upcoming installation of the 46” 1500 Nit LCD Displays at Innisfail and Scarborough represents a significant step forward for boater safety. By using advanced LCD technology, these displays will provide essential, real-time information to recreational fishers and boaters.  This will enhance safety and experience. This initiative not only reflects a commitment to utilising technology for public good but also sets a precedent for other marine locations to follow in enhancing safety and communication for the boating community.

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