Metrospec’s LCD Digital Display Transforms Production at Bluescope Steel

Staying updated with real-time information is one of the most crucial aspects for effective and precise industrial production.  Recently Metrospec transformed data communication at one of Bluescope Steel’s Facilities by installing three 65″ fully sealed, high bright LCDs.  This installation has been a game changer for Bluescope’s visualisation of industrial data.

A Cutting-Edge Product

Metrospec’s solution for Bluescope Steel includes three 65″ LCD Digital Displays with an impressive brightness of 2500 Nits.  Fully sealed in stainless steel, these displays were chosen because they withstand the harsh, corrosive environments of steel mills.  This feature was crucial to mount the displays high on walls near furnaces and machinery in order to provide maximum visibility.

Additionally, Metrospec also tailored the displays custom Input/Output capability to meet the specific requirements.  Stainless steel was also chosen to encase the display and ensure longevity and reliability in settings where standard displays often falter.

Purpose and Impact

The primary role of LCD Digital Displays is to exhibit real time production information drawn from an ABB 800xA HMI Page. This advanced visualisation helps clay furnace operators provide critical data at a glance. The result? Enhanced monitoring of product quality and a more efficient way to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The displays’ strategic placement and high brightness also ensure that the information is viewable from multiple locations within the mill.  This is a vital feature in industrial settings.

A Testament to Transformation

Bluescope Steel LCD Display at a Steel Mill Displaying Data

Bluescope Steel’s feedback underscores the significant upgrade these displays have brought to their operations. Previous to the installation, a flipchart scoreboard from the early ’90s displayed information but was limited in terms of how much information it could display.  Now, thanks to the new LCD Digital Displays,  Bluescope can display detailed ABB 800xA HMI pages.  This provides operators a wealth of information critical for managing clay temperatures and timing during furnace operations.

The shift from a rudimentary flipchart to a state-of-the-art LCD Digital Display system represents more than just a technological upgrade. It signifies a leap in operational efficiency and accuracy, allowing Bluescope Steel to meet its operational demands and environmental challenges with greater ease and precision.

Paving the Way for Increased Safety and Productivity

Metrospec’s LCD Digital Displays have revolutionized the way Bluescope Steel monitors and manages its production process. By providing real time, comprehensive data in a rugged, high visibility format, these displays have enhanced operational and contributed to a safer, more productive work environment. This innovation is a shining example of how to harness technology to meet the unique challenges of industrial environments.  It also paves the way for smarter, more efficient production practices.


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