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LED Display Sticks

Our LED Display sticks by Sansi will captivate and engage your audience like never before. With their sleek and modern design, these LED display sticks seamlessly integrate into any environment.  They also provide architecture with a great visual affect.  These LED Display Sticks are perfect for transparent video applications because they can provide you with a unique way to deploy your message.  To achieve a desired effect, these LED sticks can be ordered at various pixel pitches and spacing options to allow for varying degrees of transparency.  Thanks to these options LED Display Sticks can be installed in a way that will make your messaging far more eye-catching than a traditional LED Display.  As a result,  if you’re looking for a way to creatively display messaging or make your digital art or architectural designs stand out, our LED Display Sticks are right for you.

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LED Display Sticks

Stunning Visuals

In addition to being customisable, these LED display sticks also feature cutting-edge LED technology that allows them to deliver stunning visuals with exceptional clarity, brightness and contrast. Whether you’re displaying video, graphics or text, these displays deliver an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Content Management

Furthermore, thanks to an intuitive content management system updating and managing your content is a breeze.  Additionally, this system also ensures that your message is always fresh and relevant. Whether you’re promoting a new product, showcasing your brand or providing information, our LED displays sticks offer unparalleled flexibility and control.

Durable and Flexible

These displays are ideal for a wide range of applications, including retail, hospitality, transportation and more.  Their durable construction and reliable performance also ensure that they can handle even the most demanding environments.  Additionally, its low power consumption and easy installation make it a cost-effective solution for any business.

If you’re looking for a digital signage solution that delivers superior performance, flexibility and value, look no further than our range of LED display sticks.

LED Stick Features

  • Customisable
  • Glue feeding structure IP67
  • Innovative aluminium profile structure design – reliable and excellent heat dissipation
  • Quick plug connector for module design and easy set up
  • Loop communication backup – this prevents one signal failure from affecting the whole system operation
  • High gray scale and high refresh rate with PWM IC
  • Wire rope protection design to prevent accidental drop during installation

Custom Made

Our LED Displays Sticks are customisable to fit your unique needs. We offer a range of pixel pitches, brightness levels and sizes to ensure crisp, clear images and text from any distance. Our LED Display sticks are also easy to install.  Finally, they are IP67 rated which means they can withstand tough weather conditions.


These LED Display Sticks were originally designed for transparent video applications.  They provide users with the ability to provide a unique option for video displays.  Because they allow for greater creativity, customers can use these strips as dyanmic accent lighting or for architectural enhancements.  These LED sticks can also be mounted vertically or horizontally, inside, outside, close together or far apart.  If you’re searching for a unique and eye catching way to display messaging or for lighting to make your building stand out, our LED Display Sticks are right for you.

LED Display Stick image

Technical Specifications

Our range of LED displays are available in a multitude of sizes, pixel pitches and brightness levels.  A range of specifications for various models are shown below. You can also find spec sheets here and here.  Please contact us directly for more information.

VEII Series
LED Stick Display H29D20-SMDH29D20-DIPH29D20-RDBW
Pixel Pitch (customisable)P16, P20, P25, P30P16, P20, P25, P30P16.667
Pixel Configuration1SMD, 1SMD, 2SMD, 2SMD1R1G1B, 1R1G1B, 3R2G1B, 3R2G1BN/A
Brightness≥2cd, ≥2cd, ≥6cd, ≥6cd,≥6cd, ≥6cd, ≥12cd, ≥12cd,N/A
Appearance Size (LxHxD) Length Customisable1024mmx29mmx20mm
Shell MaterialAluminiumAluminiumAluminium
Colour Processing16 bit16 bit16 bit
Viewing Angle140°/140°120°/60°120°/60°
Colour Temperature3000 ~ 9500k (Adjustable)3000 ~ 9500k (Adjustable)5000k (Adjustable)
Input VoltageDC 24VDC 24VDC 24V
Unit Power Consumption0.3 W/pixel and 0.6 W/pixel0.3 W/pixel and 0.5 W/pixel0.4 W/pixel
Max Power Consumption19.2W, 19.2W, 24W, 24W19.2W, 19.2W, 20W, 16W30W
IP RatingIP67IP67IP67
Operating Temperature-10~50°C-10~50°C-10~50°C
Operating Humidity10~80% RH10~80% RH10~80% RH
LED Lifetime100,000 hrs100,000 hrs100,000 hrs


What is pixel pitch?
Pixel pitch is the distance from the centre of your LED Cluster (or pixel) to the centre of your next LED Cluster (or pixel) measured in millimetres.  Pixel Pitch normally ranges from 0.6 mm to 10mm indoors and up to 30mm or higher for outdoors. Additionally, pixel pitch normally works in conjunction with optimal viewing distance and display resolution. The lower the pixel pitch ie. 0.6mm, the more pixels are used to make up the image on the display.  Therefore improving resolution and the optimal viewing distance but generally at a greater cost.  We can help you choose the perfect pixel pitch providing the optimal viewing distance and display resolution for your application.
What is a module?
A module is the basic structure that houses a number of pixels together – it is the smallest element in a LED screen which usually determines the overall size of the display.
What is a cabinet?
The cabinet is the frame of the LED sign and this is where all the modules sit either in a standard configuration or custom designed to suit a particular application. Our outdoor cabinets are generally made out of steel or strong aluminium.
What are the available communication methods for outdoor LED displays?
Graphics, text and videos can be uploaded by the following methods – cable, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G Mobile. However, we can help you to decide the most suitable communication method depending on our outdoor LED application.

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