Digital Displays are a great way to Reaffirm corporate key messages to staff across one or multiple locations, communicate in Corporate Environments to connect with customers and add directional way-finding, event and conference centre information on locating facilities. See more examples below.

Metrospec business digital signage display being used in a lunch room


MetroSpec Digital LCD Noticeboards communicate with staff, advertise open internal positions, use for single site or multiple – ideal for lunch rooms

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In your Reception Foyer use your MetroSpec Single Sided Indoor Kiosk to greet customers, and promote events & news about your corporation.

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Metrospec Indoor LCD business digital signage Display
Metrospec business digital signage dDisplay Kiosk


Directional Signage and Way Finding Signage using the MetroSpec Single Sided Touch Screen Indoor Kiosk, also available double sided for attracting all directions of traffic.

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Promote upcoming events, or events and conferences that are occurring with a MetroSpec Indoor LCD Display in your Foyer.

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Metrospec E-Paper business digital signage Display being used in foyer
Metrospec H-Series business digital signage Display being used in building lobby


MetroSpec Way E-Paper Business Foyer Display lists all organisations and their location so clients can easily be directed to where they need to go.

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Encourage your customers to interact further on their product of interest by using the MetroSpec Single Sided Touch Screen Indoor Kiosk.

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Metrospec Touch Screen business digital signage Display being used in business foyer area

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