With so many differences in the LCD panels on the market, you need to do some research into the technology before making a decision so you choose the right LCD for your application.

Some applications such as those where it is indoor and only for a few hours day are perfectly fine to use a standard TV panel or display, however if multiple screens are used in an application it is good to keep in mind that most consumer TV products do not include features which allow for central control and content management by RS232 or other.  Consumer panels are not suited for outdoor digital signage displays applications for obvious reasons such as they are not weather proof, are fairly easily damaged and perhaps not so obviously for the uneducated in this technology but the image cannot be easily viewed in high lighting conditions due to the low brightness of the screens which generally range between 250 and 450cd/m and these sorts of screens will black-out given hot temperatures or full sunlight.

Commercial displays such as all Metrospec  outdoor digital signage displays are designed to meet long operating hours like as 24/7, can be interactive, have high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) figures, operate over a wide temperature range include vandal resistant front glass with anti-reflective and UV blocking features, are IP65 in the true sense of the IP ratings and have brightness ranging from 1000 up to a massive 5000 cd/m  Commercial displays are those generally seen in train stations, on ferry terminals, in bus applications, outdoor wayfinding and more.

outdoor digital signage displays

There is a huge range of supposed outdoor digital signs available for import, but often these displays use said high-bright panels which are just TV panels with upgraded backlight drivers which in turn overdrives the LED’s and results in a shorter life cycle.  The IP65 ratings given are only for falling rain and as we all know, sometimes in Australia it rains from all directions. The other factor to note is that most Metrospec displays use panels rated such that they will not blackout until the panel surface reaches 110degrees C.  This panel technology combined with our smart sleek designs gives Metrospec the edge in outdoor environments.

In short, there is a suitable LCD for any application however, Metrospec shines outdoor and should be considered wherever the environment is a governing factor in your decision making process.


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