Benefits of A High bright Outdoor LCD

Ever wanted to the know the Benefits of High Bright Outdoor LCD and how they survive in various environments?  Read further.


Many outdoor high bright outdoor LCD manufacturers try to mitigate the adverse effects of dust or insects through the use of air filters.  Yet, if not serviced regularly, air filters become unreliable and cause higher ongoing maintenance costs.

In the case of passenger information displays at railway, tram and bus stations, there may be substantial maintenance overheads such as the following:

  1. Maintenance paperwork (SWMS)
  2. Multiple people to complete maintenance, depending on WHS requirements.
  3. Commuter disruptions during maintenance.

Sealing electronics in dust-tight housing drastically reduces maintenance costs.  As a result, leading to a lower cost of ownership while simultaneously increasing system reliability.  

When coupled with dust and dirt, moisture is a real electronics killer. The dust will absorb moisture and provide a foundation for more and more dust to build up on the inside of equipment.  Consequently, this combination leads to short circuit, overheating and corrosion failures.


Ants and other insects are a common cause of failure in outdoor electronics. They are small enough to crawl inside and cause electronics to short circuit.

Wet weather can drive ants that nest underground to look for somewhere dry to re-establish their colony.

Ants can take up residence in air conditioners, pump controls, telephone junction pedestals, light fittings, power points, computers and TV’s.

Once ants find their way into electrical equipment the following will happen:

  1. They will deposit dirt and other contaminants inside the equipment. When coupled with moisture, these contaminants will be the death of the electronics. The dust and dirt will absorb moisture and provide a foundation for more and more dust and dirt to build up inside the equipment. The combination leads to short circuits, overheating and corrosion failures.
  2. They will be electrocuted. If you are thinking “good, the little rascals are dead” think again. Shocked ants emit a pheromone that attracts more ants.  Vandermeer et al (2002). Becuase of this, shocked ants can quickly snowball into electrical failure.

It is easy to protect the electronics inside your home from these tiny invaders, but it is much more difficult in outdoor environments. For example, new research from Stanford suggest that ant invasions are determined by weather.  Furthermore they also found the use of pesticides is futile. Therefore, the easiest and most effective method to protect your outdoor LCD is simply denying the insects entrance housing by means of a sealed metal or plastic enclosure.


  1. SWMS – Safe Work Integrated Method Statement
  2. WHS – Workplace Health and Safety
  3. IP – International Protection Rating
  4. LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
  5. EN60529 – The European standard outlining the degrees of protection provided by enclosures and test methods.


Vandermeer R. K., Slowik T. J., Thorvilson H. G. 2002. Semiochemicals released by electrically stimulated red imported fire ants, Solenopsis invicta. J. Chem. Ecol. 28:2585-2600.


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