EV Charger with 55″ LCD Advertising Displays

MetroSpec EV Charger with 55″ LCD Advertising Screens

MetroSpec presents an innovation in the electric vehicle charging space: Electric Car Chargers equipped with 55″ LCD Advertising Displays. Firstly, this dual-purpose infrastructure not only fuels EVs.  But also fuels businesses by offering a unique advertising medium.

Why Choose MetroSpec’s Chargers with Advertising Screens?

  1. Dual Purpose: These chargers seamlessly provide EV charging services.  Whilst also introducing a revenue generation method via advertising.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: As vehicles charge, drivers and passengers are engaged with dynamic content ranging from news updates, weather forecasts, to local business promotions.
  3. Revenue Generation: The LCD screens provide a platform for businesses to broadcast targeted advertisements. This means additional income for charger providers, helping to counterbalance operational costs and ushering in profit avenues.
  4. Digital Signage: Powered by an Android platform, our digital signage offers:
    • Remote content updating via web browsers
    • Brilliant text, video, and image display quality, even under direct sunlight
    • Showcasing HTML web pages and scrolling text messages with our easy-to-use content management software

The MetroSpec Advantage

  • Local Presence: We understand your locality, offering products and services tailored for your community.
  • Experience: Our rich background in the industry positions us as experts you can trust.
  • Quality Over Quantity: We emphasise the quality of our products, ensuring only the best for our partners.
  • Support: Our dedicated team stands by you at every stage, assuring you peace of mind.


  • Plug and Charge: Simply connect and let the charger do its magic.
  • Easy Start and Stop: A quick card swipe is all it takes.
  • Payment Flexibility: Supports credit card payments.
  • Network Scanning Code: Advanced tech for user convenience.
  • Charging Capacity: Options of single gun (7 kW) and double gun (14 kW).
  • Customisable Displays: LCD displays made to your preferred size.

Where  our product shines

Designed perfectly for:

  • Large, medium, and small charging stations
  • Urban residential zones
  • Shopping centres
  • Charging hubs in high-speed service areas
  • Outdoor recreational centres
  • Service stations
  • Public parking areas
  • Residential parking spots

Finally, MetroSpec’s Electric Car Chargers with LCD Advertising Screens redefine the EV charging experience. It’s not just about charging vehicles, but charging businesses with opportunities.

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To view the EV Charger with LCD Advertising Displays Brochure:

EV Charger with 55 Inch LCD Advertising Displays Brochure