The Problem

The TV-B-Gone (pictured below) is a small universal infrared remote control with one function, turning TV’s off.  For this reason, pranksters have adopted this simple universal remote to turn off public LCD displays.  Because the latest version has a range of 100 meters, pranksters can turn off entire fleets of public displays at public transport stations and shopping centres with a single click.

TV-B-Gone Remote Keyring
TV-B-Gone Remote Keyring

Unexpectedly shutting down an LCD Public Information Display at a railway or bus station leaves commuters confused, frustrated and angry.  Similarly, shutting down LCDs used for advertising in shopping malls can lead to lower revenues.

Stop TV-B-Gone Attacks

The MetroSpec Infrared (IR) Lockout provides a solution to this TV-B-Gone nuisance plaguing transport authorities and shopping centres. In short, it works as a gatekeeper by preventing unauthorised remote controls from turning off public information displays (PID’s).

How does the IR Lockout work?

The IR Lockout works through the use of a 4-digit security pin.  The 4-digit security pin blocks unauthorised remote control signals.  Once entered, this 4 digit pin allows authorised users to remotely control a display for up to 10 minutes.  However, after 10 minutes, the IR Lockout will automatically re-establish.


  • Locks out unauthorised remotes such as TV-B-Gone.
  • User programmable lockout code.
  • Automatically relocks after 10 minutes.
  • Low power.
  • Small footprint.
  • Compatible with the NEC IR transmission protocol.
  • Retrofittable to existing systems.


A qualified service technician will securely install the IR lockout solution inside your LCD display.  The technician places the IR Lockout between the IR sensor and LCD control board.  As a result, the IR Lockout blocks out all unauthorised control signals and stops display tampering in public spaces.

Additionally, a MetroSpec IR Lockout comes with a one year warranty.  To find out more about our IR Lockout please click here or contact us on +61 7 3868 4255.



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