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Maroubra Beach is a popular Sydney beach located in the Eastern Suburbs.  It is 10km away from the CBD in the local government area of the City of Randwick.  It’s popular for surfing, swimming, and visitors due to its easy access, large kilometre long expanse of sand and the huge range of facilities and open spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Maroubra beach contains two surf lifesaving clubs.  Randwick City Lifeguards patrol this beach year-round including weekends and school holidays.  Because the beach is such a huge attraction for this area, the Randwick Council was recently awarded with a gran from the Australian Goernment’s Smart Cities Program.  With this grant, Maroubra decided to implement a range of “smart technology” to optimise visitor experience.  Sites for the installation also included the surrounding beaches of Coogee and Clovelly too.

Coogee is the location for most of the smart technology because it already has the fibre and smart poles installed to allow further integration.  However, the weather station network scaled out to Maroubra Beach.  As a result, live beach information can now be provided to beach goers.

So the question was how do you deliver this information to the beach community and visitors?

Randwick Council published the live conditions dashboard along with their live beach cam stream to their local government website.  But they needed to publish this important information on site. The perfect location was determined.  Outside the facilities area which offered showers, toilets, and lockers that beach goers walked past or used prior to entering the patrolled beach area.  They just needed a modern, reliable LCD display that could operate in a variety of conditions.

Our Beaches Smart Screen Kiosk

This is where Metromatics became involved.  We delivered the Maroubra Beaches Smart Screen.  The Smart Screen consisted of an outdoor 46” LCD Bollard.  Sunlight readable with a brightness of 1500 Nits.  The unit has a modern silver vinyl wrap with black council logos.  It also features a built-in computer that connects to and displays Randwick Council’s Smart Cities live conditions dashboard.  Finally, this system is rated IP65.  As a result, it operates perfectly despite hot, gusty, stormy, and salty environments.

The Smart Screen is a great initiative of the Randwick City Council and delivers important beach information to the community.

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