This blog is about a recent installation of an Outdoor 55” Streetscape LCD Display we recently provided a local council to enhance their town centre.

Melton is a bustling, growing, young and diverse community.  It is an urban area within metropolitan Melbourne and is only 35km west of the CBD.  It features heritage trails, homesteads and drystone walls.  Along with an abundance of open green spaces which makes it an enjoyable place to live and visit.

The Melton City Council identified an area consisting of the Palmerston Street Shops and roadways between High and McKenzie streets to enhance the streetscape of the town centre.  These works consisted of improving pedestrian connections, configuration of street parking, public lighting, additional soft landscaping and upgrading the Amphitheatre, seating, and signage.

The streetscape furniture consisted of a winding concrete barrier making a clear pathway to encourage people movement underneath an urban style awning.  Wooden benches were attached to the concrete barriers.  Providing a shady, relaxed area for gathering.  Metromatics were engaged in providing an Outdoor 55” Streetscape LCD that would provide community notices and public information to residents and tourists.

About the Streetscape LCD Display

Melton City Council Outdoor LCD Display

Our MetroSpec Sunlight Readable Display placed in prime position.  In a powder coated aluminium frame on the concrete barrier between two of the wooden seats under the awning.  We worked with local supplier McQueen Electrical.  Who provided the electrical connection from the back of the unit to a junction box area.

IP65 rated Outdoor streetscape screen.  Also, Australian designed and made.  Meaning it operates in all weather conditions that Melbourne can throw at it.  It is viewable in sunlight and has an auto dimming feature to reduce or increase the brightness when required.  Anti-graffiti paint and shatter resistant, anti-glare glass are some of the features that appealed to local government.

Fusion Software supplied.  This software is easy to use and allows council staff to update information remotely as required.  Whilst providing current RSS feeds of the weather, national news, date, and time.

Finally, this space looks amazing.  People focused – relaxing, reconnecting, or moving through the park.


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