Harness the Power of a Digital Advertising Display

In the age of Digital Advertising Displays, simple banners no longer have enough influence to persuade people to make a purchase.  Thanks to our constant use of technology we expose ourselves to an unthinkable amount of ads.  While banners can keep customers aware of your sale they are unlikely to convert visiting customers into paying ones.  This is because banners no longer work like they used.  Our minds are used to receiving and processing information at high speeds, with visual graphics, sound and movement.  Furthermore, the average person needs to be exposed to a message 7 times before they make a purchase.

This is where having the right technology can make all the difference in the amount of sales you receive.  Installing a digital advertising display in your store gives you the ability to create eye-catching digital content and longer lasting impressions.  To top things off a digital advertising display will also allow you to rotate through a variety of ads.  Thus exposing your audience to the same messages in different ways and improves your chances of turning visiting patrons into paying ones.

Where to place your advertising display

AUO Digital Advertising Display

The placement of your display depends on your facility.  Depending on the size of your establishment you may require multiple displays or only one.  For lobbies or waiting areas, displays are usually best placed at the front entrance.  For larger stores, you may consider placing them in strategic locations such as near the front windows, checkout counters, dressing rooms or where popular items are shelved.

Choosing the Right Digital Advertising Display

There are two factors that most often stop business from purchasing a Digital Advertising Display:  Perceived difficulty of use and cost.

Managing a digital signage system can seem daunting if it’s not something you’re familiar with.  The truth is, it’s easy as pie IF and only IF you choose the right display.  Managing a digital signage system can be as easy as uploading your content to a USB and plugging it straight into your digital advertising display.  Gone are the days when you had to hire a staffer to manage content or technical issues. Furthermore, if you buy your display from the right supplier you can also have the peace of mind of receiving adequate support  should any technical issues arise.

Thanks to the advancement of technology owning a digital advertising display has also never been more affordable.  As a result, it’s now more important to ask if you can afford not to own a digital advertising display.  While printing traditional flyers and ads may have an initial low overhead cost; continuous printing and delivery to update content does add up.  Furthermore, while traditional banners, posters and flyers still have a place, they are no longer sufficient in delivering the desired customer response.  While a digital signage display may be a big investment, it will quickly pay itself off in the long run.  It also saves time as new content can be added, edited and refreshed in minutes.

There are so many models at different price points to choose from in today’s market.  You can purchase off the shelf displays or have them custom made to suit your brand and store dimensions.

MetroSpec’s Favourite Off the Shelf Display OptionAUO FHD Digital Advertising Display

One of our favourite and most affordable off the shelf digital advertising displays is the AUO Full HD Commercial Display with Intel®.  Not only does this display deliver a quality viewing experience but it also ensures 24/7 operation and high reliability in both landscape and portrait modes.  Unlike other commercial grade displays on the market, which have image retention issues after extended use, this professional grade display is built with anti-burn in technology to prevent image retention and provides better image quality.  Furthermore the inbuilt Intel SDM means you can easily upgrade or swap out the SDM in case of failure.  As a result, there is shorter down time for repairs.

To top things off AUO delivers outstanding display quality at an incredible price.  You can learn more about this display here or view our range of other AUO displays here.

MetroSpec’s Range of Custom Displays

MetroSpec Custom Digital Advertising Display

Our most popular Custom Digital Advertising Display is the E Series LCD Information Display.  This Display is anti-reflective and sunlight readable.  It is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings and can withstand extended periods of use.  To top things off, enclosures are available in different colours.  Our digital displays also feature a range of audio connectivity options to suit all users.  This display is serviceable in the field and comes with various software options to choose from.  You can learn more about this display here.

About MetroSpec

Our displays are Australian made.  We can also custom design them to suit your specifications.  Furthermore, we also have a track record of exceeding client expectations in overall design, ease of use and longevity.  We have over 20 years experience and are experts in the trade.  We take pride in our work and in providing our clients with the best customer experience possible.  You can read more about us here or get in touch here.


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