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In today’s business landscape any advantage a business can acquire over its competition can result in improved sales.  This is especially true when it comes to service delivery.  With product acquisition and production becoming easier and easier it’s really customer service that sets brands apart.  A great way to create a more consumer friendly shopping experience is through an lcd touch screen kiosk.  When placed around stores, restaurants, shopping centres, airports, city infrastructures or in lobbies lcd touch screen kiosks give consumers the opportunity to access information quickly and easily.  By interacting with a touch screen customers can easily access information about products in store, stock levels, available discounts, sale items, promotions, shop locations or create store profile accounts.

How Business Can Directly Benefit From Owning A Touch Screen Kiosk

On the flip side, lcd touch screen kiosks can also provide significant benefits for business owners.  Business owners combine touch screen kiosks and tactical marketing to collect value customer data such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and even gauge which products and promotions their customers are interested in the most.  Furthermore, business owners can use a kiosk to gain a better idea of what drives their customers in store and use that data to effectively re-market products and services in store and online.

If used in a restaurant setting business owners may also experience less wastage from incorrect orders.    Because customers are placing orders themselves using visual cues and product information there is little room for order errors and wastage as a result.  Business can also up-sell products and services to dramatically increase sales.

In a small business setting such as a doctor’s office, customers can use kiosks to check in for or reschedule their appointments.  This can free up staff to work on more pressing matters and streamline operations and business organisation.

Another great reason to consider investing in a digital touch screen kiosk is how it can double up as a highly effective marketing tool.  An lcd touch screen kiosk can also be used as a digital signage display.  By using it in this way business owners can attract customers, increase sales, reinforce their brand, products or sale.

Why Do Customers Like Touch Screen Displays?

Human customer service representatives will always be a vital part of a business.  That being said, a majority of today’s consumers will opt for a touchscreen kiosk over speaking to a representative.  Here are a few of the reasons why touch screen kiosks are so popular for the modern consumer:

  1.  Speed:  Customers only need to spend as little as 60 seconds interacting with a touchscreen.  This can drop by 20 second for repeat users or customer loyalty program members.
  2. Visual Cues:  Customers don’t need to read or speak to order.  Viewing and clicking on images is faster and easier.  Therefore increasing a the chances of a customer completing a sale or entering their information.
  3. Up-sells:  Brand can convince customers to add items or services into their cart.  For example, promoting a cookie or a shiny car an incentivise customers to add an additional item or service into their cart.
  4. Flexibility:  Customers can customise their options in ways they might not otherwise do so.  They can also discover options they were previously unfamiliar with
  5. Accuracy:  There is little room for error when customers are seeing the product or service picture and information on the screen before selecting the item.

How Can Your Business Put An Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk To Good Use?

  1. Queue Management:  Use a touch screen kiosk to clear a line at your store.  Steer customers to a kiosk to enter their name and reason for visit.  Doing so can stream line the back end management of clients.
  2. Data Collection:  Combine a touch screen display and clever marketing to collect valuable marketing information.  Run a contest where customers have to enter their name and email address in order to enter.  Use this information to re-market your brand, products or services online.
  3. Educational Game:  Use an lcd touch screen kiosk to run an educational game at a park, museum or school.
  4. Online Applications:  A touch screen kiosk is a great way to get people to complete loan applications, doctors forms, university forms, etc.
  5. Maps & Way-finding:  Allow customers to find their way around your complex through with a touch screen directory.
  6. Appointment Scheduling:  Allow customers and patients to schedule future appointments
  7. Promote Videos:  Use your display to market videos or eye-catching images
  8. Interactive Timeline Displays:  An LCD touch screen is a valuable addition to museum and libraries. these displays are perfect for displaying interactive content such as timelines, videos and other facts.
  9. Event Registration:  Make even registration quick and easy through the use of an lcd touch screen.
  10. Order Placement:  Allow your customers to place their own orders.
  11. Customer Checkin:  Allow customers to self-check-in to their appointments or booking
  12. Customer Feedback:  Gain valuable feedback with a quick and easy in store survey.

The MetroSpec LCD Touch Screen Kiosk

Metrospec Touch Screen Outdoor LCD Kiosk being used in Melbourne's Federation Square

The MetroSpec LCD Touch Screen Kiosk features an interactive touch screen display and offers a more intuitive and engaging experience.  Our Touch screens can be made to order and range in size from 24″ to 86″ and can be built in portrait or landscape modes.   The best size for your display will depend on how you intend to use it.  Smaller screens are best for private customer experiences while larger interfaces are better for public displays such as exhibits and trade show displays.

Furthermore, Our LCD touchscreen kiosks are IP65 rated.  This means our displays can withstand outdoor elements and are sunlight readable.  Our displays can also withstand extremely high and low temperatures, humidity and corrosion from salty sea water air.  In addition, depending on the screen you choose,  your display will be able to operate 24/7 for years without burning out.

To top things off our we design the display enclosure in a range of colours.  Kiosks can also feature additional audio connectivity options and PC/Media Players to suit your business.  Various software options are also available.

If  you would like to learn more about the MetroSpec lcd touch screen kiosk display please click here.  Alternatively, you can contact us here to speak to one of our lovely sales staff about a quote or a custom design.


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