Safety messages play a crucial role in promoting public well-being and preventing accidents. They are also essential for construction sites and road works.  Thanks to the advent of digital displays, effectively conveying safety information has been revolutionised.  This is because of a display’s ability to provide real-time information and dynamic content updates.  For example, with regards to road works, digital displays allow for easy, on-the-spot updates to information. As a result, timely communication of changes in road conditions, traffic patterns and alternate routes is a breeze and ensures that drivers are informed and preventing accidents.

Digital displays are also transforming other public sectors such as beaches, train stations, local fisheries and public gathering areas like parks.  In this article we will discuss how digital displays improve visibility, dynamic content delivery, real-time updates and enhance audience engagement for these areas.

Enhancing Beach Safety: Dynamic Communication for Public Awareness

Beaches attract a large number of visitors, making effective safety communication essential.  Unlike, traditional print signs, digital displays provide visitors with up to date weather conditions and rip current warnings.  Furthermore, visuals such as videos and real-time information about events, conditions, safety tips and emergency contact details also help engage beachgoers by enabling them to make informed decisions and safely enjoy their stay at the ocean.

Recently, Metorspec installed Smart Screens at Maroubra, Coogee and Clovelly beaches – popular Sydney beaches.  These were installed to publish this important information on site.  You can read more about this application here.

Improving Transport Station Safety: Real-Time Updates and Emergency Notifications

Train stations are bustling transportation hubs where safety and timely updates are of utmost importance.  In this setting, digital displays can relay real-time updates to train schedules, platform changes and service disruptions.  As a result, passengers can plan their journey’s more effectively and reduce confusion and frustration.  Digital displays also allow transport providers to improve the passenger experience.  By providing real-time updates, passengers can make informed decisions, adjust their travel plans and have greater confidence in the reliability and efficiency of their transport service.

Real-time updates also include important safety and security information. Alerts about emergencies, station closures, or security incidents can be communicated promptly, therefore enabling passengers to take appropriate actions and stay informed about any potential risks.  This is exactly what our Digital Bus Stop Displays have accomplished in Adelaide.  Installed for commuters at various Adelaide City Bus Stops these easy to use digital bus stop displays, communicate real-time arrival times of buses as well as other service information for commuters.  You can read more about them here.

Strengthening Safety Measures in Local Fisheries: Communication for Fishermen and Vessel Operators

Local fisheries often face unique safety challenges.  One of these is inclement weather.  Digital displays give fishery users access to up-to-date weather conditions and forecasts.  This includes wind speed, wave height, temperature and precipitation. This information is crucial in helping fishermen make informed decisions about whether to venture to sea or adjust fishing strategies based on the current weather conditions.

Digital displays can also provide navigation warnings and safety alerts.  This includes changes in channel depths, submerged hazards or temporary closures to specific fishing areas. This helps fishermen navigate safely and avoid potential risks or hazards that may arise due to changing conditions.  Furthermore, in case of emergencies, digital displays also provide important contact information for local coast guards, marine rescue services or emergency response teams.

Finally, digital displays can also highlight and remind fishermen of local fishing regulations.  This includes catch limits and sustainable fishing practices. Providing this up to date information promotes responsible fishing behaviour and helps preserve the marine ecosystem.

Overall, a digital display at a local fishery offers the benefit of delivering real-time information, promoting safety awareness, supporting informed decision-making, and fostering a sense of community among fishermen. By leveraging this technology, fishery operators can enhance overall well-being of the fishing community.

Communicating Local Council Safety Initiatives: Promoting Community Well-being

Local councils play a vital role in ensuring public safety within communities.  They also provide free public spaces for constituents to gather and host community events.  Strategically placed digital displays in areas such as parks and community centres allow councils to effectively community safety initiatives and important information. A great example of this is our installation of an Outdoor LCD touchscreen Kiosk in Berwick.  This installation provided an opportunity to inform the local community about what was going on around them and how they would benefit.  You can read more about it here.

Digital displays also help councils share announcements, news updates, event schedules and public service messages effectively thanks to vibrant visuals and dynamic content often available through digital displays.  This is particularly helpful for councils seeking to create more tourist friendly environments.  For example, outdoor information kiosks are a great way to provide personalised recommendations and promote local businesses to those unfamiliar with an area.  You can read more about how digital displays are transforming the tourist experience here.

Councils can also use digital displays to create further engagement in their communities.  Digital displays can showcase interactive content and promote two-way communication.  This technology is great for councils looking to collect feedback surveys, interactive social media feeds, way-finding maps and opinion polls.  As a result, digital displays are a great way to foster a greater sense of community.  They also empower residents to actively contribute to local decision-making processes.

Engaging Audiences: Interactivity and Targeted Messaging

Digital displays offer opportunities for interactivity and targeted messaging, maximising the effectiveness of safety communication. Touchscreen displays or QR code integration, can empower audiences to access detailed safety information and resources.  This technology is great for councils looking to provide tailored multi-lingual messaging to diverse communities or targeted safety campaigns for specific age groups or demographics.


Digital displays are revolutionizing safety communication at beaches, train stations, local fisheries, and local councils. By leveraging dynamic content, real-time updates, interactivity and targeted messaging, these displays enhance the effectiveness of safety messages and promote public well-being. Embracing this technology enables communities to stay informed, make educated decisions and reduce accidents. As we continue to witness the transformative power of digital displays, the safety landscape in these environments is evolving, prioritising communication strategies that maximise the impact of safety messages for the benefit of all.

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