Public Transport Operators primary goal is to keep their passengers moving – in order for this to be achieved a lot of data that is constantly changing needs to be displayed in a manner that is current, viewable and easy to understand which enables the passenger to make a decision and act upon it. Metromatics is able to offer a range of MetroSpec LCD, LED & E-Paper Display Technology solutions for Public Transport Operators.


Platform Information Display advertising when transport is due to arrive and depart
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Slimline Passenger Information Displays for platforms are IP65 Rated for outdoor applications and add a modern & sleek appearance for your platform.
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Railway / Concourse Entryway is an array of displays advising the different timetable networks with arrival & departure information.
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Remote Terminal Displays with Anti-Glare, Anti-Corrosion & Water Resistance Capabilities in Bright Conditions & Sea Salt.
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Remote Terminal Displays with Anti-Glare, Anti-Corrosion & Water Resistance Capabilities in Bright Conditions & Sea Salt
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Low Powered Bus Totem Display ideal for Bus or Tram stops in this format providing timetable information
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On board LCD Passenger Information Display providing next station, location and other service information notices
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether I need a standard panel or a PD LCD Panel?
You will need a PD LCD Panel if you plan on the following: running your LCD Display more than 6 hours a day as a standard panel is only designed to operate 4-8 hours per day; or if you require your LCD Display to be viewable outdoors you will definitely need a PD panel which is up to 4 times brighter than a standard LCD panel.

What is the difference between a MetroSpec H Series and a MetroSpec X Series LCD Display?
Both models are highly reliable. The difference is the X-series, is equipped with a door, which makes on site servicing possible. H-series does not have a door, making it cheaper and reducing your capital expenditure. But that is not to say the H-series is not serviceable. It most certainly is, it just requires a different service and maintenance philosophy. By having a rotatable pool of spares, displays can be quickly swapped out and sent to a service technician for repair.
You can find further information on our blog Display Maintenance Philosophy

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